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Submitted on
November 6, 2012


11 (who?)
What makes me want to read your reader inserts?
Well, here I'll tell you. But this is completely my opinion.
Now read.


    -Um, remember your 3rd grade teacher telling you something about paragraphs? Well do it! Make paragraphs! I don't like it if people don't keep their writing organized (which even I sometimes don't do, so I shouldn't be talking right now). It looks better anyways.

    -The title of your piece is also what is shown on display. So, think of a creative title! They catch reader's eyes, and make them want to click on it.


The writing:

    -Alright, I probably should shut up right now, but spelling. No, you don't have to be a kid who has one of those spelling bee trophies. But guess what? There's something called spell-check. Even I make mistakes, so it's totally fine, but really. If I can spot 8 words in one sentence that are mispelled, there's a problem. Same goes to grammar, but I'm a nutcase when it comes to grammar, so I'll end it here.

    -'Reader-chan went to the park.' Stop and think about that sentence. Guess what I'm going to say? Yup, you guessed it. BORING. Be exciting! Be in the mood, and try to be descriptive. And as a writer and a fangirl, insert mystery and turn-ons. Also, I'm going to use Gilbert/Prussia as an example, but don't keep calling him 'he', 'him', or 'Gilbert'. There's 'albino', 'awesome Prussian', 'Prussian', and much more. DON'T USE CLICHES! Except a good amount of cheezy-ness would be fine, I guess. *shrugs*

    -The kiss. Alright, I'm sure at least one of your Hetalia reader inserts had a kiss. I, Alice Glow, am fucking 14, and I've never kissed anyone, so I've had problems with this kiss scene. (And if you can, help me. Even if it means you have to find a cute guy that is a good kisser, that also doesn't mind carrying himself to my place and kissing me. I'll give you my address.) But this kiss scene is what makes the fangirls/fanboys (I love you all, fanboys!) spurt a thousand gallons of blood from their noses, click that favorite button, comment, and watch you (maybe).



    -Make it comfortable for you. I mean, I hate writing lemons, it's just really hard, so I usually go with depressing, bitter-sweet, or fluff when I write Hetalia reader inserts. If you like one-shots, fine! Song-fics, totally, as long as you understand the meaning of the song! And long stories, sure, as long as you don't take too long between each chapter, because that makes your readers feel sad. (Easy to say, hard to do. I'm not even supposed to be saying this, I'm completely leaving my 'Russia x Reader' thing alone and out ther for about a month now! I. SHOULD. SHUT. UP.)

    -Be confident with your work! But if you get criticized, think of it as a great gift. It helps you improve. (I AM HUNGRY FOR CRITICIZES!!! I NEED THEM TO BE A GOOD WRITER!!!)

    -HAVE FUN. Or else you're not fit to be a writer. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND FORCE YOU TO HAVE FUN.

Many have argued about the following, and it'd be best if you do not comment or rant, or whatever about this section of advice.
    Alright, now you see that place where you can insert a preview picture for your reader insert story? Yeah, that one. Now this picture is pretty important to me. It shows what kind of story it would be about. A humorous picture would let me know I might read a humorous reader insert, a cute picture migh mean fluffy, and a smexy picture might mean I might read a more or less romantic reader insert. Yes, you shouldn't judge a book by its' cover, but humans naturally just do. So your choice of picture can represent what your reader insert is about. If you don't add pictures, you should try to start.


    Here's the thing. Many people say that you should add pictures on your fan-fic if you drew them yourself, or asked the artist themselves if you have permission to use it, and NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS. Not to offend anyone, but I think it's fine, as long as you let your readers know that you don't own the picture, even if you did or didn't ask the artist for permission. (Which, I myself, am trying to put disclamers at the top before my story begins.)

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MetricScenie Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I love you. It's just...ahh. This is how I feel when I read a horrible reader-insert that someone wrote at 2 in the morning and posted it without editing. It's like ASDFGHJKL. What's the point in posting without checking your work? And I absolutely can't stand it when a oneshot with a bucketload of grammar and spelling mistakes (not to mention lack of paragraph spacings between them) has more favorites than one that is organized properly and actually has time and effort put into it. So thank you for this <3 Plus, I'm fourteen and I've never been kissed either ;^; 

*I have realized that this is a year-old post and I'm the only commentor who has posted a comment in 2013. Derp. ._.*
CandyAppleKiss Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
nono, thank you for the comment!
please read some of my reader inserts if you have time, though.
thanks again!! -candy
sylphwriter24 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
If you need someone to critique I'm willing. You can note me if you like. It may be a long time in between my responses because I'm super busy right now.
MiruSun Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Thank you very much for these tips~ They really helped~ xD

Hopefully I'll be able to post something one day :3
(If I stopped being lazy, lol)
CandyAppleKiss Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome!
Also, welcome to deviantART!
If you ever happen to have questions,
you can ask me.
MiruSun Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
I'll keep that in mind, thank you~ :3
Plantress Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student Writer
Hey, I'm just a passer-by that saw this on the journal page, but I felt I had to say something when I saw the bit about the preview images. You should only be using images you created yourself or that you have artist permission to use. Just saying it's not yours and linking to it isn't enough; it still counts as art theft. It's very disrespectful to the artist to use a picture without permission, and it's upsetting to know that someone just took your work without permission. Besides, what if you're using their art for a story that would personally upset the artist and is something they wouldn't want their artwork associated with? Like, they drew a fluffy picture and then found out someone stole their art to use as the preview image for a dark story with rape in it.

Please think about stuff like that. I'm sorry if I came across as a little harsh, but I've had friends who have gotten very, very upset over art-theft like this, so I feel I have to say something.
CandyAppleKiss Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
ja, I'm trying to edit it now, since a lot of people are arguing over my pov on preview pictures.
please give me some time. ^^
Plantress Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student Writer
When you post your opinion on something, even when it's phrased as advice like your journal was, you will get people who both disagree and agree coming to comment. So it's hardly surprising that arguments came up. I will commend you for being calm and polite about all of it. I've seen things like this descend into flame wars before.

I did look through your gallery before commenting, and I noticed that you said you wanted constructive critiques on some of your writing pieces. I can help with that if you're still interested after I'm done, and I do mean that. I'm a writer myself and I want to help those who are interested in it. It's been a while since I've read any sort of self insert stories, last time was when I was in the Prince Of Tennis fandom, but I could try my best.

That being said, I am disappointed that you still seem to support stealing preview pictures. By the logic that you're using, someone could take all your stories, post them on under their own name, but make it all okay by saying something like . 'Not mine, original here' and linking to your account at the bottom. Because that is exactly what you are doing to artists you steal the art from. It's worse coming from zero-chan, because they don't credit any artists either! If you really want preview images, why not ask a good artist here on dA if you can use their image? That's what I've done before. There are several artists who would be flattered by someone asking to use their work because it means more people get to see it.
Aimichi-chan Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
These are some good advises... Thank you!
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