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Shattered Sunflower Memories (Chapter 3)


"Where is my album?!"

Natalya remained quiet. Yekaterina shushed me, but I was too furious. What did Natalya do to it?! I feel my teeth grit and my breathing became fast and hard, like an angry dragon.

"Natalya. I'll ask you again. Where. Is. My. Album."

I heard a click from the door and my head snaps to see (name) step in with the album under her arms. Oh... No, no, this can't be... I flash my little sister a glare, but she doesn't react. I walk quickly towards (name), reaching my hand out to the album, but just when I was going to get my hands on it, (name) put it behind her back. I stare into her eyes, reflecting nothing. Did she regain her memories...? She sighs.

"Unfortunately, I am still 'Aleksandra'. Now tell me, Ivan—"

I cut her off by slamming my hand on the door, making (name) flinch. I kept gazing into her eyes that seeked for answers. I bend my head down and feel a tremble in my voice.

"I told you not to ask questions. Don't ask."

"What am I to you? Why don't I have any memories? Where are your parents?"

That deadly silence filled the silence. Someone... Someone, anyone! I wanted to make her forget everything...

"We aren't human, Aleksandra."


"What do you mean?"

I peer over Ivan's shoulder to see Yekaterina, the source of the voice. The Russian fell to his knees, and I see him shake his head, clearly trying to say 'No, please stop.'

"We represent a country. I am Ukraine. Natalya is Belarus. Ivan is--"


I whisper under my breath. I start remembering bits of information and memories like flash-backs, appearing randomly all over the place.

Russia slowly gets back up to his feet, and I try to help him, but he simply moves my hand away. He scurried off to his room grabbing the album from my hands on the way.

Yekaterina and Natalya come to my side and comfort me. I didn't know...

" Have you regained all your memories?"

"No... I still don't remember how I lost my memories."

"It's fine. The memories you gained today are enough for one day. I'm glad you remember some things though."

Natalya had looked at Yekaterina and muttered some names I couldn't quite catch. Ukraine let out a small 'Oh!' and scribbled something on a piece of paper.

"This is an address to Toris, he is 'Lithuania', and he knows you well. Only, he doesn't know that you lost your memories. Go to him, and he may be able to give you something."

"But remember, your memories may be painful, so take them in slowly. One by one."


I couldn't sleep at all. I needed to go to that Toris man's place. Since everyone seemed to be asleep, I decided I could sneak out. Putting my clothes on, I crept out into the cold climate, blowing gusts of spine-tingling wind. Unfolding the piece of paper in my pocket, I searched for the building that had the address.

After many minutes of walking, I finally found the house and rang the doorbell. The wind was getting colder and colder ever minute, and I couldn't stand it anymore. My body felt numb, and…


"Yes, Russia… Do not worry, she is safe here with me… Yes, you can pick her up, sir… Alright, I will see you soon."

I heard a phone clicking back to place as I rubbed my eyes, finding myself in a small room. There stood a young man with shoulder-length, brown hair and olive-green eyes. He must be Toris… but why was I…?

"I heard everything, Aleksandra. You lost your memories, didn't you?"

He pat my head while taking out a box and handing it to me. I thanked him and peered inside to see thousands of letters.

"Seems like you're desperate for answers. I'll give you this, and it may help you recover. I hope you don't stress yourself though."

"Thank you, Toris. I'm sorry for coming so suddenly."

"You are still that kind, curious, and gentle girl I knew. I'm glad."

Toris's face shone a small sadness, as well as hope. I smiled and thanked him again, putting the box of letters in a shopping bag. Ivan soon came to the door, panting and relieved to see I was fine.


The walk home was quiet, and I didn't know what to say to (name). She was slowly getting memories, but there's one moment in her life that I don't want to remember.

"Ivan… What are you thinking right now?"

"I'm thinking about how much I want to stop you remembering."

"What if I told you,"

(name) stopped walking, and I stopped as well, several inches in front of her. I face her and see her eyes. Those are the same eyes I had seen before… worry, curiosity, and fear.

"That I still love you… Or rather, in my case, am in love with you?"

My eyes widened as I heard her say 'love' again. Not the kind you hear every day… The one that is shared between couples. (name) walked over to me and held my face, gliding her thumb over my pink cheeks, that I felt morphing into a shade of red. I hug her tightly and hold her close to me, feeling like I must never let her go. Tears streamed down my face, stinging my cheeks that dried in the cold, winter wind, and I felt (name) embrace me in her arms.

"I love you."

I said, with a trembling heart. I pulled back and kissed (name) on the tip of her nose. Quickly, I turned my back on her and walked home. (name) swiftly ran back to me, sliding her arm in the space between my arm and my body, hugging it close to her.
I don't own you or Hetalia!


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