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Shattered Sunflower Memories (Chapter 1)


Sleeping soundly, I had a dream of a young man's profile. He had pale skin with pink blush across his cheeks from the Russian cold. His beige hair seemed soft silk, and it made me want to brush my fingers down his hair. The man had deep, lavender eyes that reflected something far, far away…

I fluttered my eyes open to meet a pair of the same, violet orbs, which now sparkled with the smallest hint of joy, barely noticeable. I blushed and sat up in a pile of quilts on a bed.

"You're awake, da?"

"W-who are you, sir?"

I trembled. Why am I here? What had happened to me? The Russian man lifted the corners of his lips and formed a small smile. He took my hands with his large, cold ones and quietly spoke.

"You are in my дома. You were in the cold snow, and I thought I should help you."

I straightened my back, relieved that a kind gentleman as him had helped me. I crawled out of the bed and thank him.

"спасибо, sir. What is your name?"

"Ivan Braginski. Ivan is fine, uhm…"

"Oh, my name is…"

I paused, unsure how to continue. My mind coiled and churned, searching for my name. I fell to the ground on my knees, as I banged my hands on my head.

"Don't stress yourself. You've lost your memories, right?"

"Yes… I believe so."

Ivan kindly smiled and lent me a hand to get up. My legs were still weak, and I stood up like a new-born fawn, rising for the first time. Then my stomach growled.

"Are you hungry? Natalya made some food, da? She may be a little scary, but her pirozhki are the best, and I'm proud to say so."

He led me out of the room and into the dining room. I couldn't stand but to notice how handsome Ivan was! He has somewhat a round, childish face with a harmless smile, yet I couldn't see what he was thinking… The dining room had a long, wooden table for six, and several plates set out. A girl with long, silky blonde hair and stern blue eyes was carrying a plate of the Russian cuisine. Her hair had a large white bow, and she wore a dark purple dress with a white apron tied around her waist.

"Natalya, this is… the girl. She seems to be hungry."


I said, admiring Natalya's beautiful appearance, as she placed the plate on the table. I soon learned that Natalya was Ivan's little sister, and Yekaterina, another kind lady, was Ivan's older sister.

And yes, supper was delicious! I don't believe I had tasting anything as wonderful as these pirozhki before. But, I thought, the taste was nostalgic. I broke the baked bun into two with my hands and ate the bun that was stuffed with mushrooms, meat, onions, and rice.


I exclaimed after swallowing down the first bite of the Russian food. Ivan smiled and seemed pleased that I enjoyed the meal.


Aleksandra. Her name will now and forever be Aleksandra. She said she liked the sound of it, and we all agreed. She said she liked the sound of it, and we all agreed. We also let her stay at our home, because we couldn't make her go freezing outside in the harsh Russian cold, right?

"Thank you for the meal, Natalya. And also, thank you for letting me sleep in your bed."

"No problem. I hope you can regain your memories."

She shot a look at me, but quickly looked back at Aleksandra. I did not want her to regain memories. I wanted her to stay with me, because I love her so much. Her beautiful, glowing smile reminded me of a large bouquet of sunflowers...

"I think I can help clean or tidy things up if you want. I do not want to stay here in your lovely house without offering you something in return..."

"No, no, no, Aleksandra!" Yekaterina said, puffing her cheeks out. "You must rest first, alright, sweetie? I will let you do whatever you want after you rest and gain a strong, healthy body, okay?"

I swear to you, Aleksandra, I will be with you forever. Every day was blank, and in my warped smiling face I couldn't cry the pain that I had kept deep inside, that stayed there unshed. But you… you had changed the world around me, and I will never let go of you. Ever again.

Love it? Read more, and look forward to the rest!

BTW, I used Google translate for the Russian text.
Please correct me if it's wrong...
(Also, try pirozhki if you haven't, 'cause they're really good!)

:iconcandyapplekiss: :iconsaysplz: Watch me, it's free~
:iconrussiasmileplz: :iconsaysplz: It is, da!
:iconcandyapplekiss: :iconsaysplz: Yup!
:iconrussiarapefaceplz: :iconsaysplz: If you don't I will--
:iconcandyapplekiss: :iconsaysplz: Hi, Belarus!

And so Russia ran away, even though she wasn't really there,
and I know Ivan will kill me for saying that,
but I didn't want to scare any of you. And, I got watchers!

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