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September 22, 2012
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Please read description, it's short!
Also, if you see this ---> * <--- sign, please scroll to the end of the story.


You wanted that moment to last forever. His warmth, the soft gaze and golden hair, those were futures you couldn't possibly look away. He let go of you hand and you shut your eyes, unaware of the strange feeling called love. It can be painful, yet beautiful. Alfred quickly hugged you and you opened your eyes.

"Under those glasses are beautiful ________* eyes, and your heart is so innocent and pure... I just hated to see you around that Brit, so I decided to act fast. I'm so sorry..."

No way, this can't be happening... Why...? Am I lucky, or unfortunate? Your arms reached for America's back, but you hesitated. You felt Alfred shed a tear, and you sighed.

"I'm a geek. You'll be rejected by your friends."

"I know."

"Why do you go so far?"

"Love is like a rollercoaster, and it really is—it's unstoppable."

You paused, gently pushing Alfred back. He cocked his head in a curious manner and you lifted the corners of your mouth and smiled slightly.

"How about I tell you some things about myself at the park nearby, and you'll tell me."

"Are you sure? Don't you usually study at the library after school?"

You giggled and smiled, a real, true smile.

"It's fine. I'm a straight-A student."

You couldn't keep calm though—it just was a completely new relationship you never experienced. Then, on the way to the park, the rain started to drizzle, then vanish. Alfred put the red umbrella away and smiles at you.

"Do you want to start telling me things about you now?"

"Uhm, s-sure, I guess."

You told him your birthday and favorite colors and all. He laughed and nodded a lot, and had made you feel comfortable. Then you told him things you wouldn't dare tell anyone, even Arthur.

"That's why you have..."

"Yes, I can't speak to people easily. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm scared of people looking at me."

"Well, you're doing your best."

You both were right in front of the park entrance. Then all of sudden, Alfred swiftly grabbed your left shoulder and snatched your glasses. Your eyes widened as you saw Alfred without the frames.


"Look at me."

You did. His gaze was intense, yet kind and soft. You couldn't believe it. You were looking at someone without glasses! Then he pushed your glasses back onto your face. You adjusted it and blushed, quickly looking away.

"If you have any other problems, confront them to me. I'm sure that I can help out!"

"Ah, yes. I think I will do that."


Alfred took his cell-phone out.

"Wanna tell me your phone number too?"

You shuffled through your school bag and flipped your phone out. You had recently switched your lame, crappy, and dull one for and average querty phone. You were glad you did. And so you both exchanged phone numbers and Alfred told you about himself. You found out that he loved hamburgers more than anything, and that he loves sports. And even the fact that he used to be Arthur's step-brother, but complex family relationships torn them apart, and now Alfred lives alone. That most certainly made you very surprised. When he explained more about himself, he stopped, and looked at you.

"And you. I met you at the entrance exam for high school."


You said, shocked that all of this started at a random test-day for high school.

"Yeah. I mean, I got brains, but I decided to purposely fail. But when I saw you, you looked like the perfect, sweet, innocent girl. Judging by the looks, you looked like the typical 'straight-A student', so I sat up straight and passed it."

Your eyes widened and you couldn't believe it. Does love really go like that? Is that what you call love at first sight, or something?

"I entered, family problems became more complex, put my stress out on the other dudes and now, I'm considered a bully. It's so… irritating."

"Oh… I see…"

You said, trying to think of something else to say. You didn't know how to respond, because you were busy putting pieces together so it could make sense.

"Thanks, ________. This totally made my day. I'm so glad I can finally talk to you and all. How about a date tomorrow? Right after school."


"See ya tomorrow!"

And he walked off, leaving you with your mouth opened to say something, but… You couldn't help but smile. Now you have to find something reasonable to wear for this date. Oh, and at that moment, you completely forgot about school and Arthur till you went back home and opened your school bag to do your homework.


Hey! If you have brown eyes, insert this into the blank: "soft, earthy brown"
If you have hazel: "dreamy gleam to your hazel"
If you have blue: "angelic and baby-blue"
If you have green: "ocean green" and after the word 'eyes', add "that sparkle"

(If you have a different color eyes than the one above,
please make it up!!)


Chapt. 1 ---> [link]
Chapt. 2 ---> [link]
Chapt. 3 ---> [link]
Chapt. 4 ---> [link]
Chapt. 5 ---> You are here
Chapt. 6 (FINAL) ---> [link]
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