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September 19, 2012
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"Is she alright?"

"The nerd hit hard, huh?"

You were scared without frames. You shivered, trying to hide yourself—your eyes. No… Get away… Don't look this way… Please…

"Get away!"

You yelled, and the crowd of people backed away, surprised. You squeezed your eyes shut, and clammed your palms against your ears. Someone pushed all the kids away from me, and I heard that voice again.

"________, what happened? Do you need something?"

"My glasses," you murmured.


"Yeah. My glasses."

You hear Alfred pick up the glasses. You tremble, feeling like my heart had been stabbed by nightmares—dark, horrifying, and black.

"Your lenses don't have prescription."

You look up quickly, looking into the azure-eyed American. He gazed at you, and at that moment, you felt paralyzed by that caring look. Love at first sight. This must be it, you thought. Just one look from his eyes, just one word from his mouth, and he had made you fall ill into that strange feeling you had never experienced before.

"Uh, uhm, yeah. It doesn't."


There was a pause, and after that, when your lips parted, trying to speak, the teacher called Alfred over. He whipped his head, and found himself in a strange spotlight.

"See you later."

You nod. When? Where? Why? Questions swirled. Your heart throbbed and it hurt harder than your temples. You wanted to cry. But you held it back. School's almost over, I'll survive. And for the rest of the period, you sat there. Still, and thoughts screaming things. You shed a tear as you heard the last bell ring for school. You stood up and walked to the lockers and pulled your bag out. Tomorrow is the Friday, and then after that, it would be the weekend, so you can relax a bit. And how much does luck hate you again? Oh yeah, a lot.

You stood at the entrance of the school, looking at the pouring rain outside. Yup, you forgot your umbrella. You sighed and thought that you probably should wait till the rain would stop pounding hard, and probably drizzle. The library you planned to go after school was fairly close, but you were smart enough to know you wouldn't want to be drenched in rain.

At that moment you saw a red umbrella hover over you. You whip your head around to see a brown leather jacket at your eye-level. You slowly look up to see… Alfred.

"Should I take you home?"

"N-no… I'm going to the library."

"Alright, then let me take you there."


You looked at your feet, and fiddled with your slender fingers. Then a honey-colored, boney hand had grabbed your wrist. Alfred dragged you out into the pouring rain, and everyone stared at you. He took big steps across the pavement. You skidded, having your heels wet with the rain that formed puddles.

"Hey, _______, are you going to the—"

You looked back to see Arthur wide-eyed. You blushed, trying to let go of Alfred's grip. It was too strong, and I struggled harder.

"Alfred, w-what are you g-going to do to her?"

Arthur trembled again, and you were the spotlight, again.

"Nothing. I'm taking her to the library."

Then Alfred had walked faster to the library, and you jogged to keep his pace. Now his hands shifted into your hands. Feeling a warm temperature in the hands you held, you worried more and more about your life. You knew something horrible would happen something very bitter.

"Stop, Alfred… Stop!"

He stopped. And you can see his face glowing red like raspberries—literally.


And at that moment, time stopped. He didn't let go of your hands , and it was now firmly interlocked with yours. His blue eyes stared into your eyes, and you craned your neck to see his handsome, honey-colored face. You wanted that moment to last forever. What…? Love. It was love.


I can do requests for reader inserts!
Just read some rules and answer some question here:


Chapt. 1 ---> [link]
Chapt. 2 ---> [link]
Chapt. 3 ---> [link]
Chapt. 4 ---> You are here
Chapt. 5 ---> [link]
Chapt. 6 (FINAL) ---> [link]
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