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Stars once shined in the sky above, even without the monochrome clouds. The city lights were replaced instead, but that didn't make me stop wishing on the stars. I whisper a soft song—a song I will remember forever, because it is a melody that bound us together. I lay my head on the wall and close my eyes.


I had pondered all throughout dinner, but I had decided. I set my mind to do it again tonight, even in the rain. Quietly slipping into my suede knee-length boots, I step out the bed. I dust off my crinkled chiffon dress—pure and white. It reached a little above the knees, and I grab the heart locket on the window sill, making a soft rattle. As I tip-toed halfway across the room and reached for the door. I swallow my breath, and then softly sigh. Now I was out of the room, all I have to do is go down the hallway, climb down the stairs, and then head out.

After ever step I took, I paused; listening for any abnormal sounds. I let my frail left hand slightly touch the rough caramel-colored wall, and lead me through the hall. The floor suddenly creaked. Stopping half-way, I relaxed, and let the floor get used to my weight. But the end of the creaking sound continued. Creea-akk… I bit my lip to the point I thought it would bleed. I waited a few seconds, but it seemed like minutes. After that, I took big, wide steps. I soon felt the handrail hit my hip, slowly grasping the banister, I step down. Taking each step as careful as I did with the floor, I quickly slip down to the bottom. If I open the door too much, I thought. The sound would increase the sound of rain too much that Miss Lavender might suspect me of heading out again. I breathed heavily. I opened a small crack in the door, and then squeezed my way out.

Already soaking wet, a run and splash into puddles. I hold my hands up and feel the cool rain tickle me inside the palms of my hand. I navigate my way briskly to the small, pale yellow house with a light gray roof. I quietly enter the front yard, leaping over the black, iron gate, and jumping back into the bushes. As I crawl my way through the bushes to the shrub nearest to the low window that was to the right of the door, and peek in. There, I see a boy with russet-colored hair, slightly long enough to barely touch his shoulders, and had beautiful, violet eyes. He sat at the grand piano, scanning through the music sheet. On the top, it had written "Ave Maria", a song I loved. The boy slid his hands across the black and white keys, playing the small introduction, passing the notes from his left hand to right. The lullaby-like piece resonated in my heart. With a soothing tempo, he played on.

I leaned on the house and closed my eyes, while I felt raindrops land on my long lashes. Under my white breath, I sing with a whispery voice.

Ave Maria
Gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
Ave, ave dominus
Dominus tecum
Benedicta tu—

Suddenly, the sound stopped and I jolted, flickering my eyes open. I heard rushing footsteps and heard the window open with a hard clash.

"Who… who are you?"

I jump out from the shrub and land on my bottom. The piano boy had a honey colored skin that glowed with a hint of pink. In the dark night, I stared off into the boy's eyes.

"I-I'm s-so sorry f-for intruding… I'll go b-back s-soon as I c-can."

I stammered. My _(hair length)_, _(hair color)_ hair was soaking wet in the rain. I ran out, regretting going outside to see the boy.

"Wait, I—"


"Thank you, sir!"

"Of course, now if you would please sign here,"

I signed a little paper and the several men my room left, and I turned to the thousands of cardboard boxes stacked in your room and sighed. I was moving into a new apartment, all by myself, and I were too tired to start unpacking. Stretching, I jumped onto the sofa, and played with my heart locket. In the end, I couldn't find much information on my family and moved out of the orphanage, and decided to live on my own. I chuckled as I remembered the numerous, fun events you remember vividly—and also, the piano boy.

"Alright! Let's unpack the most important things first,"

I said, gathering all your strength, feeling lively once again. I marched into my room and started to make the bed and unpacked all my clothing.


"How noisy!"

I exclaimed as I placed my tea on the coffee table and opened the white, delicate curtains. I saw a large moving truck that drove away into a distance.

"A new resident? How interesting."

As soon as I had said so out loud, the doorbell rang. I had quickly opened the front entrance to see a young girl, a little bit younger than me, standing there with a small tinfoil plate with an amazing aroma.

"Uhm, hello, I am ________, a new neighbor, I hope to get along with you…"

She lifted her head, and I met her beautiful _(eye color)_ orbs, looking back at me innocently. Then I remember. The girl who sang with an angelic voice, so sweet and tender…

________ jumped back and put her free hand over her mouth and gasped.

"You're the piano boy!"

"You're the singing girl!"

We said in unison. Slowly, the strange atmosphere shifted into laughter. It was an amazing encounter. I had never thought to have met her again. That rainy night, my piano playing and her voice harmonized perfectly, leaving the night being the only audience. I remember so vividly. ________ smiled sweetly and outstretched her arms and showed me the pie she had baked.

"Lemon pie! Would you like to eat some?"

"Ah, yes, that would be lovely. Come in, the fall wind is getting chillier every day, and I wouldn't want a beautiful lady like you to catch a cold! I have some tea to go along with the pie as well."



I found out that the piano boy's name was Roderich Edelstein, and he has an Austrian heritage. He was an optimistic, easy-going, and slightly shy man. I had fun conversing with him, since we had a lot in common. He seemed to like my pie a lot, and I felt myself blush. I probably shouldn't tell him it was made from some scrap.

"I'd like to listen to your piano again, Roderich."

I said, looking at him with pleading eyes and smiled. The ends of his lips curled into a small smile and a small hint of pink appeared on his cheeks.

"Very well, but in return, I'd like to hear you sing."

"But I haven't been in chorus for years!"

"Then I shall not play the piano."

I pouted and gave in, realizing how much he wanted me to sing. Sighing I push him to the piano in his living room and tell him I would sing. Carefully placing his firm yet soft hands on the piano keys, and started playing Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1—a sweet, soothing melody that makes me picture a rainy day in a city painted blue. A simple, yet nostalgic piece of music that makes me relax. I close my eyes and listen to the peaceful music. When it ends, I flutter my eyes open and meet a pair of violet eyes.

"I shall be playing Ave Maria next."

"Alright… Actually, do you know how to play Amazing Grace?"

"Why of course! Would you prefer singing that?"

I nod, preparing myself to sing.


Her voice filled my room like nothing I remember. It was a powerful voice that resonated in my heart, so tender and beautifully. As the accompanist, I had felt happy and comfortable, hearing her voice match perfectly to the notes made by the keys of the piano. I vowed to keep this memory, her voice, in my heart forever, and lock it up carefully to let it stay there.
Yeah, I love Austria 'cause he seems like he would know me well.
(I listen to Classical Music 24/7, litterally. J-POP is something I listen to some of the times)

2-shot story... Just trying to keep myself away from some other reader inserts I have to do.
Sadly, I don't take any more requests,
'cause I still have tons to do.... ;u;
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