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October 16, 2012
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You shuffled through your school schedules and groaned. You couldn't believe that Summer ended so quickly! You wanted it to last forever, but of course, school had to stroll along. It was a period before lunch, and you were kinda hungry. And as always, you planned to sit with your great friends; Feliciano, Francis, Elizaveta, and Yekaterina . They rarely had classes with you, but you all promised each other to hang out with them during lunch (even though a certain blonde pervert pisses you off sometimes). You strolled off to Earth Science and took a seat carelessly.

"Hey, what's your name? I'm Alfred."

You flinched as you heard the name. You twirled in your seat to see a fair-skinned American with twinkling blue eyes. You were shocked by how handsome he was and turned away, blushing in many shades of crimson. Stumbling across your words, you replied,

"I-I'm _(name)_. N-nice to meet, uhm, meet you..."

You trailed off, finding yourself fiddling with your fingers. You gathered your _(hair length)_, _(hair color)_ hair to one side and looked back at Alfred. He smiled, making you feel a bit of your heart melt. The teacher entered the room. She was so boring. She was just talking, and talking, and talking about how she grades things, and how things work in the class and all the boring stuff. She even told you to take out a brand-new notebook, and you've written nothing in it yet! You sighed, and propped your elbow on the desk. Then several moments later, you felt something poke your elbow you looked over to see Alfred's notebook pushing against your elbow. You looked at the lines and saw a somewhat legible mix of print and cursive. It said, What kinda musicians do you like? You looked at the Alfred and felt your mouth form a small smile. You clicked your pen open and scribbled down some of your favorite artists and let the notebook glide across the desk to Alfred. Then he wrote a reply.

Really? I love (favorite band) too! You have other good selections too. Nice taste!

You kept exchanging notes till class had been interrupted with a loud bell, signaling lunch. You got up and smiled at Alfred, now knowing quite a lot about him, had smiled back at you, flashing his teeth.

"Uh, so, do you wanna sit with me and my friends? For lunch?"

You asked, rubbing the back of your neck.

"Why not?"


"…and so, I built a sand sculpture of pasta, ve~!"

"You pasta-loving freak!"

Everyone at the table had burst into laughter. You glanced back at Alfred, who was looking into your _(eye color)_ orbs. His eyes sparkled and he had a slight blush around his cheeks. The moment shattered when Elizaveta hit the lunch table, grinning, holding some tickets in her hand.

"Guess what~? Movie tickets for everyone! I got them with a coupon! I was thinking about inviting one more person, since there was an extra, but if you're free today, Alfred, you're welcome to come!"

"Hmmm… what time is it?"

"7:30 to about 9:20."

The American rubbed his chin, then looked at you with the corner of his eyes. Then he grinned his famous hero smile and gave a thumbs-up.

"I-is is scary?"

Yekaterina asked, hopefully wishing I wasn't a horror movie.

"Un film d'action, Mademoiselle."


You and Alfred cheered in unison, and you giggled soon after, with a goofy smile on your face. Alfred didn't seem to mind Feliciano's brain that's made of pasta, or Francis and his pervy thoughts. Or Elizaveta and her tom-boy personality, and Yekaterina's shy character. You were glad you met him today, and that you became friends with him.



You wailed into your cellphone. Your room was a complete mess—there were clothes all over your bed and floor. Your friends sighed and shushed you.


"What am I supposed to wear to the movie?"

"Geez, _(name)_, really? Ugh…"

You made a small sniffling sound and grinned. There was a long pause till Elizaveta exclaimed,

"No way, _(name)_! You're into Alfred and want to impress him, don't you?"

You squeaked. Am I that easy to read? You thought, blushing.

"Lemme guess, you're blushing, you have all your cute clothes all over the room, your make-up kit is placed in front of you and that also is a mess."

"Awww… Eliza, go easy on me…"

"I knew it! By the way, Alfred got the hots for you, 'cause he totally skipped some sort of party with his friends to be with you."

"No way, how do you get your information on these stuff?"

"Secret. Anyway, I'm sure he likes you just the way you are."


"Sorry! Did I make you wait?"

It was Yekaterina, waving her hands in the air while jogging her way to the movie theatre. You, Alfred, Elizaveta and Francis were there. Now you need to wait for the Italian.

"Ohohonhon, not at all, Mademoiselle."

"You look so cute, _(name)_!"

You blushed. You picked out a white skirt a long-sleeved gray shirt, and wore a yellow, no-sleeved jacket with a hoodie. It was slightly chilly, so you wore some warm boots.


You sighed, and noticed how beautiful Eliza and Yekaterina were. Then you glanced over to see Alfred with his bomber jacket and wondered if he really liked you.


An Italian popped out of nowhere. Everyone smiled and headed into the movie theatre. You grabbed your icees and popcorn and found a row of several seat and sat. But before you were seated, you saw Yekaterina glance over at Francis and Elizaveta and soon, you realized they all had seated you and Alfred next to you. You bit your bottom lip and tried to ignore their actions. Throughout the half of the movie, you found yourself bumping into Alfred hands while grabbing popcorn. Then, during some kind of climax scene, when you weren't really paying attention to anything but the movie, Alfred held your hand. You blushed, and looked at Alfred, but he kept looking at the screen, trying to ignore your stare. You look back, and soon, you find your fingers interlocked with his firm, bony hand.


"That was by far the best action movie ever!"

"I liked it too, ve~."

You and Alfred kept a distance while you walked out of the theatre. The others noticed and you could literally see the light bulbs flickering above their heads in unison.

"Adieu, I have to hurry home for my… late date."

Francis hurried off home, and he was whistling to himself, and slightly skipping down the street.

"Fratello is waiting for me to come home. See you tomorrow, ognuno!"

The clumsy Italian scurried off towards home.

"See ya, _(name)_. Call me when something good happens."

Elizaveta winked, and dragged Yekaterina who was whispering many 'sorry's along the way. You waved goodbye and sighed, leaving you alone with Alfred.

"Am I really that easy to read?"

You wondered out loud in unison with the American. Alfred chuckled and looked into your eyes.

"The moment I saw you, it was like I met an angel."

"Is that supposed to be a pick-up line?"

You grinned and blushed at the same time.

"Nope. Your eyes are beautiful—_(eye color)_with a slight hint of joyful sparks. And your personality is so bright and fun, eccentric yet odd. I love girls like that."


He rested his forehead on yours, and pulled you into a soft, chaste kiss.

"Be mine, babe?"

You mouthed, 'of course', and he pulled you in for a longer, sweeter kiss.

--- EXTRA!! ---

"So, how was it?"

"What do you mean?"

"The kiss!"

"How did you know!"

"I was watching."

"Elizaveta Hedervrry you—"

The phone got cut, and you sighed and smiled to yourself.

"It was wonderfull."

Picture found on Zero-chan ([link])

This was originally a request,
but I changed some bits so everyone can read it.
(Original is here ----> [link])

Hope you liked it~
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JazzyLick Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
"I-is is scary?"
Yekaterina asked, hopefully wishing I wasn't a horror movie.
"Un film d'action, Mademoiselle."

Le Me: YEAH! *epic fist pump*

You and Alfred cheered in unison, and you giggled soon after, with a goofy smile on your face.

CandyAppleKiss Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I appologize, I am very, so very sorry.
I really do feel bad! (removes picture)
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D'aw I always liked Alfred but not the way I like others. But i think now it do *w*
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