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(Drabble) Key (Eren x Reader)
(Drabble) Key (Eren x Reader)
x x x
The sun was probably aware of the terrible hangovers across the tristate area, and decided to be kind. It was Saturday and the sun shined through the windows, spilling its honey-golden lights. It was bright, but not annoyingly bright that I'd want to cover it up with a curtain. I was looking up at an unfamiliar ceiling with my squinted eyes. My black dress was stripped off me and instead, I wore an oversized tee that reached my thighs. It was probably the tee that I bring to every party I go to, just in case I sleep over and I don't want to sleep in uncomfortable dresses.
"Right," I thought. "There was a party at Erwin's... He became head of his company and... And I couldn't go home because I was too drunk..."
It was the usual, really. I get so drunk that I can't drive, and there really was no way for me to get home. I stay at Erwin's guest room (or Petra's, or Marco's, depending on where the party was held) and I help clean up after the chaotic part
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 22 5
(AU) Shatter Illusions (Eren x Reader) Part 1/2
(AU) Shatter Illusions (Eren x Reader)

Author's Note:
the story may be confusing, and may be grammatically wrong, and some words may be misspelled. These are 85% on purpose. I may have actually made a mistake, but oh well. This is a futuristic AU, so if you're not that much into sci-fi (which I usually shy away from to) you might not want to read it, but I can't control you, really. Enjoy!
x x x
>> shatter / illusions
C: code>
C: code> - - start - -
C: code>
>> i wish to what lies beyond the [ delusional ] stratosphere,
>> and see what other visions of the universe my [ oculus ] can observe.
>> my hatred towards the [ rule ] will not stand
>> some day [ i ] will see the blue [ heaven ]
>> in silence, the children look at one other through what [ blinded ] them from the unknown.
>> since they were released from the womb, they had been taught of visio
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 13 4
(Armin x Reader) Home-Made Remedies (AU)
(Armin x Reader) Home-Made Remedies (AU)
x x x

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you pinch, stretch, smile, frown, do all kinds of things to your body and face. Well, at least it wasn't half as bad as when you were in middle school with all the gross things. Glancing back at the computer screen you scroll though some websites. Time to brew up some witchcraft.
x x x

Silky Hair Remedies

Opening the fridge and cabinets, you grab two eggs, a bottle of virgin olive oil, and the plastic bear with honey. Taking a metal bowl and a spoon out you start mixing all the ingredients. Armin peeked his head into the kitchen and watched you mix the yellow substance.
“What are you doing, __(name)__?”
“Making home remedies. I'm gonna take a shower.”
“Uhm... Okay?”
You skip into the shower and strip off all your clothing. Humming to a song that you had stuck in your head, you open up the shower curtains and stand in the tub, taking a small handful
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 25 6
AU!(Eren x Reader) Secrets (Part 2/2)
Eren x Depressed!Anorexic!Reader
Author's Note: True story, based off what I experienced. Except the real-life person who is in Eren's position in this story is my best friend N. I abbreviated his name, just 'cause. N, I hope you don't mind me writing this, and I hope you never find out that I write fan fiction. It's kinda embarrassing. And to those of you under similar circumstances, please know that you can talk to me.  ヽ(;▽;)ノ
x x x
“You lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mine?”
After some arrangements Miss Hanji said I should hang out with Eren and his gang and see what they could do to help me. Other than Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, nobody else knew. (Well, Christa saw my marks, but they didn't quite hang out together all the time.) Here I am, in the courtyard with the mentioned three, Jean, Marco, and two others. Sasha and Connie, I think. And Mr. Flirt is hitting up on me.
I smile sweet
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 17 15
Mature content
AU!(Eren x Reader) Secrets (Part 1/2) :iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 32 5
(Erwin x Reader) Love is in the Air (AU)
(FlightAttendant!Reader x Erwin)
Love is in the Air
Side Note: There is a little twist at the end...
x x x
The child in front of my seat cried very loudly, disturbing some of the passengers on board. it was only an hour in from leaving the ground and flying in the air and I was far too tired from the meeting I had in the Los Angeles to even tolerate the child's crying. If I were Levi, I might be telling the mother of the child to shut the kid up, but I had no energy to that. Just then, a young flight attendant came running along in her pencil skirt and high heels, clicking along the aisle. She was very attractive, and she pulled her index finger on the scarf wrapped around her neck, so she could breathe. i was fully expecting her to politely tell the mother to get the fuck up and move out from the seats—something along the lines of, "Excuse me, ma'am, if you could please step out towards the restrooms and calm you child down..."
That was not what ha
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 124 24
Poppy Wolff (OC) by CandyAppleKiss Poppy Wolff (OC) :iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 20 11
(Eren x Reader) Do You Believe in Magic? (AU)
Do You Believe in Magic?
(Magician!Eren x Slightly-Depressed!Reader)
x x x
The rain melted the hues of Paris together like that of a chalk drawing on the sidewalk, and it was only minutes after sunset when the shops turn on their lights. It was clearly warmer inside, for all the steam had fogged up in the windows of the cafés. The rain was awfully cold, but __(name)__ paid no mind to it; her thoughts wandered elsewhere. Young children ran off for shelter, hovering under a brasserie awning or an ornate doorway to duck under. The wide avenues of Paris gave way for smaller, more narrow streets, where small boutiques and bistros rested. This was where the Parisians roamed, and very few to none tourists could be seen.
All alone on the narrow streets, __(name)__ felt her feet drag over the silver cobblestone pavements, slowly, the coal black street lights was lit, in an orderly fashion. It was truly beautiful to watch them light like fireflies at night. She stood still for a whil
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 53 26
(Levi x Reader) Heaven (One-Shot)
Fake ≠ Real Heaven

Warning: A lot of inappropriate themes and curse words. Also, Levi works at a strip club.
x x x
Countless number of people are lured to the redlight districts of New York City by hallucinating happiness, freely dreaming the impossible, as well as sex. Here we are in one of the many strip clubs of the fake paradise, and one of the most famous as well—Razzle Dazzle. It was named after the famous Chicago musical number that still played on Broadway. This strip club was for women only—that's right, male strippers.
Women show off their curves and show a lot of skin, wearing skimpy dresses and heavy make-up, making them look so terribly fake. They'd march in with nine-inch heels, bangles that clash together, and many layers of beads around her neck, winding their fingers in them like they were in some sexy beasts' hair. Their high pitched laughter and drunk, blood-shot eyes make them look like a typical “life-i
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 27 7
(AU!Eren x Agent!Reader) Decode (Finale)
Decode (Finale)
AU!Eren x Agent!Reader
Hanji said, grabbing her 50 cal sniper riffle. Levi took his assault rifle and Mikasa with her glocks one in each hand. ___(name)___ took the closest weapon, M-4 carbine.
“Fuck you and this adult world—you selfish bastards!” ___(name)___ screamed, while hot tears of pain and agony poured from her eyes. The 50 skilled men and women that surrounded the president began to fire.
Eren hadn't seen ___(name)___ ever fight with a gun, since the last attack was when she was held hostage. It was tremendously surprising to see her fight—it almost made it look like some dance. Crazy, but true. ___(name)___ was ever so careful not to kill anyone, but managed to shoot the leg or arm or knock out some of their consciousness. From cartwheel to backflips, she used every technique out there. The President was right—she had all it took to be the perfect agent.
“Eren! Follow me,” Armin said, pulling on his friend's sleeve. Ha
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 16 15
(AU!Eren x Agent!Reader) Decode (Chapter 13)
Decode (Chapter Thirteen)
AU!Eren x Agent!Reader
“Eren? Earth to Eren! You okay?”
“Hm, sugar? Did you say something?”
“Are you alright? It looks like you've seen a ghost.”
“It's nothing much, ___(name)___. Not something to be concerned about.”
“Well, okay then. I'm taking a shower now.”
Eren waved his girlfriend off. He removed his hand from the piece of paper he had been hiding under the palm of his hand. It recorded each word that the voice said. Should I tell her? Eren thought, making his hand into a tight fist. What the hell would it mean?! Titans in the future? Lab rat? Humanity's fall? Eren reach for his phone and looked through his contacts.
This was probably the last thing he'd thought of doing on this vacation.
After several rings, the phone was answered with a, “What the fuck do you want, Jaeger?”
“Levi, I need your help. You can tell Erwin, Hanji, Armin and Mikasa, but don't ever tell
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 13 2
Look At What I Found by CandyAppleKiss Look At What I Found :iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 2 1
(One-Shot) Just A Kiss (Armin x Reader)
(One-Shot) Just A Kiss (Armin x Reader)
From day one of training as soldiers, I've been friends with Armin and he was a sweet boy, you know? He wasn't all that strong and his physique was rather scrawny for a soldier―but his intelligence really made up for it. After years of training, he did become strong, I guess but that brain of his is what had me like him as a person. I wouldn't say I was stupid, but I was probably the polar opposite of him. I had a pretty broad body to start with, and I'll be honest with the fact that I'm hopelessly childish and reckless. Every time I chat with Armin, he'd tell me things I never knew about vegetation or animals.
Even after terrible battles with titans and loss of friends, we were able to move on and be part of the Scouting Legion. Here I am with Armin, walking around the streets as normal civilians, buying some food that was instructed by Lance Corporal Levi. Being a reckless tomboy since birth I never really mixed in with the girls, so I wa
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 50 20
(Reader x Levi) Dead Hope (Side B)
WARNING: Triggering themes and foul language. Suicidal thoughts and depression. If you are uncomfortable with such, please refrain from reading. Thank you. (Also, if your name is Gisela, I apologize, because I decided that “Gisela” would be one of your squad's member.)
Dead Hope (Levi x Reader)
Side B: Lance Corporal Levi
The devil himself perches by the window sill, whispering horrid things that I couldn't deny. The darkest hour surely was before dawn. I'd awaken before the sun barely rose and each cell in my body would be alarmed and tremble. There was barely any light before dawn. The sky would be pale and barren, silent and hopeless. I bite my tongue and burn the nightmares that haunted me through my sleep.
I could've saved them all if I were there. They wouldn't be dead.
I'd spend my days in the office, and be afraid of the badges of fallen soldiers I've kept with me in my right drawer. I can identify each bad
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 19 2
(Reader x Levi) Dead Hope (Side A)
WARNING: Triggering themes and foul language. Suicidal thoughts and depression. If you are uncomfortable with such, please refrain from reading. Thank you. (Also, if your name is Gisela, I apologize, because I decided that “Gisela” would be one of your squad's member.)
Dead Hope (Levi x Reader)
Side A: Squad Leader ___(name)___
Death revolved around my life without any question. It will always be there, and its' existence will not disappear. I'd spend my mornings pressed up on the window sills, suffocating under the constant watch of the reaper. On the battlefield, I could feel his scythe upon my most delicate veins in my neck. Mother and Father told me not to join the Scouting Legion because I'd be digging my own grave beyond the walls. I would deny it before, and tell them that I would be among the greatest people in the walls that will grant hope and freedom to humanity. Now I know what death is.
Hope? That thing doesn't exist anymore.<
:iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 28 9
Levi Ackerman - Dead Hope by CandyAppleKiss Levi Ackerman - Dead Hope :iconcandyapplekiss:CandyAppleKiss 20 5
My deviations! Please enjoy~

Random Favourites

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EnglandXReader - The Pirate's Bride C1
“Hey! Wait up!”
The blonde haired boy turned to look back at who had just called out to him. He was walking out of a really dingy and run down cabin. Behind him he saw a little girl about his age, just under ten years old. She had (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. The boy smiled at the girl.
“Hurry up slowpoke!” He said his voice thick with a British accent.
“It’s not my fault you're so fast, Arty!” The girl countered.
“Come on, (name)!”
The girl caught up to the boy, almost tripping, but before she fell the boy caught her. The girl smiled up at him, looking into his striking green eyes.
“Where are you going?” The girl asked.
“The usual spot.” He said. “Care to join me?” he gave the girl a toothy grin.
“Yes! Let’s go!” she said, grabbing the boy by the hand and pulled him along with her.
~Time Skip~
The pair sat on the ledge of the cliff together, their legs swinging in the air. T
:iconashrevans:AshREvans 590 285
Watching Cats Dream by j-b0x Watching Cats Dream :iconj-b0x:j-b0x 938 40 Moth and the Flame 6 by StressedJenny Moth and the Flame 6 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 5,017 207 Moth and the Flame 5 by StressedJenny Moth and the Flame 5 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 4,815 271 Moth and the Flame 4 by StressedJenny Moth and the Flame 4 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 5,333 252 Moth and the Flame 3 by StressedJenny Moth and the Flame 3 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 5,964 342 Moth and the Flame 2 by StressedJenny Moth and the Flame 2 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 8,371 600


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I wasn't deliberately avoiding deviantart or was busy.
Huh. Well, I returned. Is anyone still willing to read my shit?
Like really? If so, please tell me...


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