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(Drabble) Key (Eren x Reader)

x x x

The sun was probably aware of the terrible hangovers across the tristate area, and decided to be kind. It was Saturday and the sun shined through the windows, spilling its honey-golden lights. It was bright, but not annoyingly bright that I'd want to cover it up with a curtain. I was looking up at an unfamiliar ceiling with my squinted eyes. My black dress was stripped off me and instead, I wore an oversized tee that reached my thighs. It was probably the tee that I bring to every party I go to, just in case I sleep over and I don't want to sleep in uncomfortable dresses.

"Right," I thought. "There was a party at Erwin's... He became head of his company and... And I couldn't go home because I was too drunk..."

It was the usual, really. I get so drunk that I can't drive, and there really was no way for me to get home. I stay at Erwin's guest room (or Petra's, or Marco's, depending on where the party was held) and I help clean up after the chaotic party the next day. I reached over to the digital alarm clock and looked at the time. It was 10:52 AM and I sighed, setting the clock back onto the coffee table. Just then, the clock hit a metal of a sort. Pulling myself out of bed, I inspect it. It was a key, and it had a small piece of paper attached to the key holder.

From: Your Boyfriend
To: My Girlfriend

It was obviously Eren's handwriting, but couldn't understand why he’d give me… Oh. Wait, shit did I seriously tell Eren… I know I do ridiculous things while I get drunk by honestly...

x x x

“And theeeen Hange replaced fucking Shorty’s bleach with, with melted marshmallows! It was soooo funny. You shoulda seen his face.”

I hiccuped before slamming my sixth can of beer on the kitchen counter while Petra sheepishly laughed before calling for Eren.

“I think your girlfriend needs to rest up.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.”

Eren scooped me off my feet while I giggled like a little girl, flailing my libs in the air like a madman. Eren shushed me while he took me to one of the guest rooms, shutting the door behind him with his shoes. Laying me gently down on my back, he tucked my hair behind my ears.

“I’m hot, Eren.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I mean, like, sweaty hot.”

“I know.”

I grumbled. We dated for about half an year now, and our relationship was rather stable. We had quarrels here and there, we had sex a couple times, we cuddled a lot, but I felt like I wanted more of him. Was it because of our jobs? We go to the same company, but we work on different floors and we only see each other during lunch time, weekends, or after work for a little walk before we both head home for another day at our jobs.

“Turn around, __(name)__.”

Laying on my chest, Eren began to unzip my dress and helped me crawl out of it. Taking my large Avengers shirt out of my bag, Eren pulled it over my head.


Eren asked, as I refused to put my head through the shirt. I hid myself under the shirt, and we sat in silence.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“No! I mean, I really, really, love you.”

“What are you going on about?”

“I want to be with you more, Eren… I want more of you. I want to be with you 24/7. I don’t want to wake up in the morning all alone.”

x x x

Huh. The keys to his apartment. I recalled how I cried into his warm chest and we hugged each other for a really, really long time. I don’t remember what I did after that, though… As I tried to get of the bed, my hips started to ache. Oh, right. We also had sex.

“You’re awake!” Eren said. “I hope you like my present.”

“I love it. You better help me pack my stuff though.”

“I will, I will.”
Anyone can give me some ideas, I just need a few ideas to help me start writing SnK/AoT fanfics again. Thankss!
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Guess who's back? After several months of inactivity, I've finally returned. Finally. It's the last year of high school and I've been in some trouble but I have returned! With good fan-fic ideas. Hopefully.

(AU) Shatter Illusions (Eren x Reader)

Author's Note:
the story may be confusing, and may be grammatically wrong, and some words may be misspelled. These are 85% on purpose. I may have actually made a mistake, but oh well. This is a futuristic AU, so if you're not that much into sci-fi (which I usually shy away from to) you might not want to read it, but I can't control you, really. Enjoy!

x x x

>> shatter / illusions

C: code>
C: code> - - start - -
C: code>

>> i wish to what lies beyond the [ delusional ] stratosphere,
>> and see what other visions of the universe my [ oculus ] can observe.

>> my hatred towards the [ rule ] will not stand
>> some day [ i ] will see the blue [ heaven ]
>> in silence, the children look at one other through what [ blinded ] them from the unknown.
>> since they were released from the womb, they had been taught of vision without the [ oculus ]
>> it was brutal and deleterious and vulgar
>> [ evil ]
>> the [ oculus ] wheezes and grinds like a factory. vision blurrrrrrrs and ssssstatics.
>> [ bzzz kssshhhht bzzzzt tchk chk chk bzzzzzt ]
>> color, [ eren ]. i wish to know.
>> [ questions ] are restricted. one and two and three. only three.
>> he blinks. blink again. hovering letters in his sight. she [ spoke ] his [ name ].
>> the name is the only [self identity ]
>> everybody is the [ same ]. gen [ bzzzt ] er and appeaaaa [ kssshhht ] rance does not [ exist ].
>> blue is a [ beautiful ] word.
>> … no more. we cannot [ talk ].
>> they are monitored. [ curiosity ] was killed. No longer can they freely speak.

>> the [ voice ] is monitored. There is no [ sound ] but the machine [ bzzzt ksshhhht chk chk bzzz ]
>> she cannot [ touch ] him, but she leads his [ pixels ] somewhere.
>> [ eren ] tries to [ speak ] but he had run out of [ questions ]
>> if he [asks ] he will be punished.
>> he looks up at the [ delusion ] and grimaces. grit. teeth. [ grrrrr rrrrr rrrrrr ]
>> cardioid circles spin, spin, spin with brightness. pixels circulate, detecting [outcast ].
>> no sssss [chk chk bzzzzt ] un or moooooo [ kshhhht bzz ] or staaaa [ bzzzzzt ksh ] aaa a a a a a...
>> [ illegal ] [ illegal ] break shatter [ law ]
C: code>
C: code> - - information overload - -
C: code> - - cleared - -
C: code> - - refresh - -
C: code>
>> she stops at [ portal ] beyond the [ city ] and walks into it
>> removes [ ocular ] he panics, panics, panics, scared, scared
>> [ promised death ] of the removal of [ ocular ]
>> nonononononononono
>> - communication disconnected -
>> - try again later -
>> [ eren ] hesitantly removes [ ocular ]
C: code>
C: code> - connection available -
C: code>
C: code>
01100101 01110011 01100011 01100001 01110000 01100101

00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000
01101111 01100011 01110101 01101100 01100001 01110010

“This is my voice, Eren.”

The boy widens his grey orbs. She was less geometric and pixel-like without the oculus, and she was nothing he had ever seen. Eren looks down at himself, and notices the two limbs he had been unconsciously controlling. He had five stick-like things stuck from a larger body portion on both sides of him. As he took off the ocular, the numb feeling in his limb disappeared.


Eren began to speak, only to realize how different his voice sounded. It was much more natural and less monotonous, like the machine that spoke for him. The voice had been replaced by computers by the government, to create less diversion and prejudice of each individual voice.

“I can ask as many questions as I want here, Eren! It's called 'underground' and the government will never know! The oculus appears to be connected, because the 'underground' fools them!”

Her voice was so strange. It went up and down and louder and softer.

“I can ask questions?” Eren pause, and his mouth naturally pulled upwards and his mouth bones were visible. “I can ask questions!”

“Two men named Erwin and Levi discovered this place, and it's amazing!”

“Why? What are they doing? Will we ever be able to stop the government scans? Why do we look like this? What is that on your head?”

So many questions flooded out of Eren, and it was hard for him to stop. Still afraid of the loud alarm that may go off any time soon from his oculus, he wasn't sure if he was allowed to ask this many questions. When someone asks over three questions, a loud alarm would sound into their brain through the oculus, and will be punished. By the sixth punishment, death was promised. Careless Eren had asked “too many” questions and was traumatized by the punishment.

“Levi and Erwin will break the scans and the stratosphere with the circling lights. They are planning doing it in five hours , and I am part of it.”

“That's dangerous! You won't get killed, but have endless punishments, _(name)_.”

“I know. But I need to. I have to. I can't stand it anymore.”

“Then I'm going too.”

“You can't, Eren! You don't know anything!”

“Why didn't you take me here before?!”

“I couldn't trust you Eren. It's hard to be trusted.”

“I've been with you my entire life, and you don't trust me?!”

Eren's first conversation like this. With real voices. With volume. With the cracking of the voice, and with the movement of his silly limbs and head. His eyes that looked at the love of his life with raw vision, and not through oculus. It went on for an hour, back and forth, dry throats and disgusting liquid dripping down from his eyes. He didn't know what it was. Never had either been so passionate about this, and although emotions were negative and clouded, the passion. Never had such power echo from his lips, not even with his fights with Jean.

What did all his friends look like? Mikasa? Armin? Did they all have strange strings from the top? Did their two eyes move left and right, up and down? Did they ever move their limbs? Did they ever see them? So much of the oculus had blinded him.

“Do you not want to see the sky, Eren?!”

“I do! But your life is in danger, I don't want to loose you!”

Just then, a low voice had echoed in the underground.

“You two should stop bickering like lovers.”

A male. He was smaller, and he had shorter string from his top and was more angular, compared to
__(name)__. He had a scarier air. He was different.

“What is lovers, Levi?”

“Something I will tell you about when we shatter the stratosphere. Who is this brat?”

“He is my friend, Eren. I wanted to let him know that I might die.”

“You will not die!” Eren shouted. No matter how much the oculus can blind, the fear of death will never be deleted. “I will,” he said. “I will help.”



C: code> - - stabilized connection - -
C: code> - - oculus
__(name)__'s condition - -
C: code> - - no strange activities detected - -
C: code> - - oculus
__(name)__ history –
>> caution language : [ wish ] [ observe ]
>> WARNING!! language : [ color ] detected

C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -
C: code> - - oculus eren's condition - -
C: code> - - no strange activities detected - -
>> caution language : [ hatred ] [ heaven ] [ beautiful ]
>> ?? : nonononononononono
>> WARNING!! language : [ blue ] x2 detected
C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -
C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -
C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -
C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -



(AU) Shatter Illusions (Eren x Reader) Part 1/2
I don't own Attack on Titan or any of it's characters.

Well, I decided to take a new approach on things. Sci-Fi and codes and complex language that is purposefully made to not make sense.
I think I've become Shakespere. You can't easily understand the shit he writes, but it's still really interesting.
Hope you like this and please comment below, I want to hear your reactions and what you think about this in general.
It may have been confusing at first, but it kind of does make sense in the end, but that might just be me. I mean, I understand.

Thanks for reading!!

Part 2/2 : [  ]
Anyone can give me some ideas, I just need a few ideas to help me start writing SnK/AoT fanfics again. Thankss!
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