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(AU) Shatter Illusions (Eren x Reader)

Author's Note:
the story may be confusing, and may be grammatically wrong, and some words may be misspelled. These are 85% on purpose. I may have actually made a mistake, but oh well. This is a futuristic AU, so if you're not that much into sci-fi (which I usually shy away from to) you might not want to read it, but I can't control you, really. Enjoy!

x x x

>> shatter / illusions

C: code>
C: code> - - start - -
C: code>

>> i wish to what lies beyond the [ delusional ] stratosphere,
>> and see what other visions of the universe my [ oculus ] can observe.

>> my hatred towards the [ rule ] will not stand
>> some day [ i ] will see the blue [ heaven ]
>> in silence, the children look at one other through what [ blinded ] them from the unknown.
>> since they were released from the womb, they had been taught of vision without the [ oculus ]
>> it was brutal and deleterious and vulgar
>> [ evil ]
>> the [ oculus ] wheezes and grinds like a factory. vision blurrrrrrrs and ssssstatics.
>> [ bzzz kssshhhht bzzzzt tchk chk chk bzzzzzt ]
>> color, [ eren ]. i wish to know.
>> [ questions ] are restricted. one and two and three. only three.
>> he blinks. blink again. hovering letters in his sight. she [ spoke ] his [ name ].
>> the name is the only [self identity ]
>> everybody is the [ same ]. gen [ bzzzt ] er and appeaaaa [ kssshhht ] rance does not [ exist ].
>> blue is a [ beautiful ] word.
>> … no more. we cannot [ talk ].
>> they are monitored. [ curiosity ] was killed. No longer can they freely speak.

>> the [ voice ] is monitored. There is no [ sound ] but the machine [ bzzzt ksshhhht chk chk bzzz ]
>> she cannot [ touch ] him, but she leads his [ pixels ] somewhere.
>> [ eren ] tries to [ speak ] but he had run out of [ questions ]
>> if he [asks ] he will be punished.
>> he looks up at the [ delusion ] and grimaces. grit. teeth. [ grrrrr rrrrr rrrrrr ]
>> cardioid circles spin, spin, spin with brightness. pixels circulate, detecting [outcast ].
>> no sssss [chk chk bzzzzt ] un or moooooo [ kshhhht bzz ] or staaaa [ bzzzzzt ksh ] aaa a a a a a...
>> [ illegal ] [ illegal ] break shatter [ law ]
C: code>
C: code> - - information overload - -
C: code> - - cleared - -
C: code> - - refresh - -
C: code>
>> she stops at [ portal ] beyond the [ city ] and walks into it
>> removes [ ocular ] he panics, panics, panics, scared, scared
>> [ promised death ] of the removal of [ ocular ]
>> nonononononononono
>> - communication disconnected -
>> - try again later -
>> [ eren ] hesitantly removes [ ocular ]
C: code>
C: code> - connection available -
C: code>
C: code>
01100101 01110011 01100011 01100001 01110000 01100101

00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000
01101111 01100011 01110101 01101100 01100001 01110010

“This is my voice, Eren.”

The boy widens his grey orbs. She was less geometric and pixel-like without the oculus, and she was nothing he had ever seen. Eren looks down at himself, and notices the two limbs he had been unconsciously controlling. He had five stick-like things stuck from a larger body portion on both sides of him. As he took off the ocular, the numb feeling in his limb disappeared.


Eren began to speak, only to realize how different his voice sounded. It was much more natural and less monotonous, like the machine that spoke for him. The voice had been replaced by computers by the government, to create less diversion and prejudice of each individual voice.

“I can ask as many questions as I want here, Eren! It's called 'underground' and the government will never know! The oculus appears to be connected, because the 'underground' fools them!”

Her voice was so strange. It went up and down and louder and softer.

“I can ask questions?” Eren pause, and his mouth naturally pulled upwards and his mouth bones were visible. “I can ask questions!”

“Two men named Erwin and Levi discovered this place, and it's amazing!”

“Why? What are they doing? Will we ever be able to stop the government scans? Why do we look like this? What is that on your head?”

So many questions flooded out of Eren, and it was hard for him to stop. Still afraid of the loud alarm that may go off any time soon from his oculus, he wasn't sure if he was allowed to ask this many questions. When someone asks over three questions, a loud alarm would sound into their brain through the oculus, and will be punished. By the sixth punishment, death was promised. Careless Eren had asked “too many” questions and was traumatized by the punishment.

“Levi and Erwin will break the scans and the stratosphere with the circling lights. They are planning doing it in five hours , and I am part of it.”

“That's dangerous! You won't get killed, but have endless punishments, _(name)_.”

“I know. But I need to. I have to. I can't stand it anymore.”

“Then I'm going too.”

“You can't, Eren! You don't know anything!”

“Why didn't you take me here before?!”

“I couldn't trust you Eren. It's hard to be trusted.”

“I've been with you my entire life, and you don't trust me?!”

Eren's first conversation like this. With real voices. With volume. With the cracking of the voice, and with the movement of his silly limbs and head. His eyes that looked at the love of his life with raw vision, and not through oculus. It went on for an hour, back and forth, dry throats and disgusting liquid dripping down from his eyes. He didn't know what it was. Never had either been so passionate about this, and although emotions were negative and clouded, the passion. Never had such power echo from his lips, not even with his fights with Jean.

What did all his friends look like? Mikasa? Armin? Did they all have strange strings from the top? Did their two eyes move left and right, up and down? Did they ever move their limbs? Did they ever see them? So much of the oculus had blinded him.

“Do you not want to see the sky, Eren?!”

“I do! But your life is in danger, I don't want to loose you!”

Just then, a low voice had echoed in the underground.

“You two should stop bickering like lovers.”

A male. He was smaller, and he had shorter string from his top and was more angular, compared to
__(name)__. He had a scarier air. He was different.

“What is lovers, Levi?”

“Something I will tell you about when we shatter the stratosphere. Who is this brat?”

“He is my friend, Eren. I wanted to let him know that I might die.”

“You will not die!” Eren shouted. No matter how much the oculus can blind, the fear of death will never be deleted. “I will,” he said. “I will help.”



C: code> - - stabilized connection - -
C: code> - - oculus
__(name)__'s condition - -
C: code> - - no strange activities detected - -
C: code> - - oculus
__(name)__ history –
>> caution language : [ wish ] [ observe ]
>> WARNING!! language : [ color ] detected

C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -
C: code> - - oculus eren's condition - -
C: code> - - no strange activities detected - -
>> caution language : [ hatred ] [ heaven ] [ beautiful ]
>> ?? : nonononononononono
>> WARNING!! language : [ blue ] x2 detected
C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -
C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -
C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -
C: code> - - scan end next oculus - -



(AU) Shatter Illusions (Eren x Reader) Part 1/2
I don't own Attack on Titan or any of it's characters.

Well, I decided to take a new approach on things. Sci-Fi and codes and complex language that is purposefully made to not make sense.
I think I've become Shakespere. You can't easily understand the shit he writes, but it's still really interesting.
Hope you like this and please comment below, I want to hear your reactions and what you think about this in general.
It may have been confusing at first, but it kind of does make sense in the end, but that might just be me. I mean, I understand.

Thanks for reading!!

Part 2/2 : [  ]
School started. My classes aren't bad at all actually. Almost done with high school.

On another note, I have not been doing well with my fics 'cause everyone is making me feel like a looser.
People and their ability to write fan fics, it's not faaaaaiiiir... *cries in the corner*
But I do have something in my head and it's kinda crazy, and I don't know if I'm gonna stick to the idea.
As for the fan fic series with different paths, I finally made like 8+ ending/routes and I'm only on chapter 5 or some shit.
I may seem dead, and I might be mentally, but I try to keep you guys on your toes for some more stuff QAQ

Not to sound like an egoistic bastard with her head stuck too far up her ass,
I have so many watchers and I just am so appreciative of those who are alive, well, and actually enjoy the shit I create.
Without any words coated with sugar or sympathy, I think that my fanfic quality is getting lower and lower,
so please be patient while I try to regain myself and my imagination. Thank you!!
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(Armin x Reader) Home-Made Remedies (AU)

x x x

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you pinch, stretch, smile, frown, do all kinds of things to your body and face. Well, at least it wasn't half as bad as when you were in middle school with all the gross things. Glancing back at the computer screen you scroll though some websites. Time to brew up some witchcraft.

x x x

Silky Hair Remedies

Opening the fridge and cabinets, you grab two eggs, a bottle of virgin olive oil, and the plastic bear with honey. Taking a metal bowl and a spoon out you start mixing all the ingredients. Armin peeked his head into the kitchen and watched you mix the yellow substance.

“What are you doing,

“Making home remedies. I'm gonna take a shower.”

“Uhm... Okay?”

You skip into the shower and strip off all your clothing. Humming to a song that you had stuck in your head, you open up the shower curtains and stand in the tub, taking a small handful of the egg-oil-honey mix, and applying it in your hair. Little by little, you spread the substance from the roots of your hair to the ends of them. There's a knock on the door, and you answer with a loud hum.

“Are you doing alright in there?”

“Don't worry, Armin! Just doing girl stuff.”

After keeping the hair mask in your hair for several minutes, you wash off your hair quickly with a little bit of shampoo and conditioner. Stepping out of the shower you wrap yourself up in a towel, skipping off to the living room of the small apartment you and Armin shared, you grinned.

“'Ey, Aaarmin!”

“Yes, dea—wear something,

You grin a wicked smile before letting go of the cloth that was wrapped around you. Armin was ready to cover his eyes with the book in his hands, till he realized, that she
was wearing clothes.

“Please don't do that again.”

“You fell for it, you little cutie!”

Leaping into the blonde's arms, he sighed which was then followed with a small laugh. He hugged you back and sniffed your semi-damp hair. He scrunched his brows.

“You sound like cheap cake mix... and olive oil?”

x x x

Glowing Skin

Armin, where's the baking soda?”

“Top right cabinet,” the male replied, looking up from his computer. He was typing up an article for the next science magazine that was going to be published soon.

“Darling, why do you need it?”

“Beauty purposes—it's a girl thing.”

You finally find the orange box with the picture of a man flexing, along with blue text indicating it was, indeed, baking soda. Removing the box from the cabinet, you go off to your bathroom, beginning to plug the drain and fill half of it with water, before pouring some baking soda in it.

Splashing your face with the lukewarm water, you look at yourself in the mirror. Your skin was really glowing! Like those models in the magazines with a bunch of lighting. Not noticing the cerulean orbs that looked into the open bathroom, he wondered why you were rummaging all around the kitchen for silly things.

“Clean after yourself properly!”

“You sound like Levi, Armin! I don't like it.”

Turning around, you scrunch up your face, pouting. He chuckles and pats your head and dries off your face with the nearest fluffy towel. Armin was surprised at how your face was glowing.

“I won't be as strict as Levi, but I don't want it to look like a mad scientist experimented here.”

“Okay, okay. You know, I was just thinking,” you pause, fiddling with your fingers. “I'm gonna be okay, right?”

“Yes, yes you are. It's going to be all fine.” He embraces you and you comfortably fall in-love with him all over again. Like some young, teenage heart just beginning to know what it feels like to love someone.

x x x

Dark Circle Remover

You let out a loud, deep moan, which sounds more like a growling baby t-rex. When Armin told you so, it made you sound just a tad cuter, but nevertheless, it was a groan.

“What's wrong?”

“I look like a panda!”

Rummaging through your cosmetics kit, you pull out a bottle of almond oil, and pour out some on a small plate, and begin to dab it under your eyes. You do this and that with your face in the mirror, and Armin is starting to worry about how you were acting the past few days.

__(name)__, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I'm fine sugar puffs.”

“Are you sure?”

You nod, not even looking back at poor little Armin, worried sick. He knew how you'd always try to perfect your make-up or your hairstyle, but this was beyond the usual. It must be because of that... Armin began to think back to all his actions, and began to wonder if he said something wrong, or bad, or something he should've taken back... But it's alright, right?

x x x

Do I look beautiful, Armin?”

“You can't look any better, darling. You've always been my jewel.”

“Thanks,” your conversation was taken in with whispers. All eyes were on you and your lovely darling with his perfect golden hair and azure eyes.

“Do you take this man, Armin Arlert, as your husband?”

“Yes,” you say, choking on your tears of happiness.

“Do you take this woman,
__(full name)__, as your wife?”

“Yes, I do,” Armin says, smiling at your beautiful form, covered in pure white cloth and soft veil over your head.

“You may kiss the bride.”

x x x

There was a big cake and party where your darling husband had helped you cut, and you were congratulated and reminded that your new name was now Mrs. Arlert. Somewhere in that party, Armin had pulled you aside and asked about your strange actions.

“I just wanted to look perfect for today.”

There was a pause.

“Was I okay?”

“You were perfect, darling. You'll always be my perfect.”

It was such a cheesy, cute, moment that you two shared and it was perfectly imperfect as is.

(Armin x Reader) Home-Made Remedies (AU)
I don't own Attack on Titan or any of it's characters!!

I recently was like doing a self-spa for myself and this happened. I really hope you enjoyed this!!
On a side note, I hate the new tags we have to use. IT'S SHIT.
Eren x Depressed!Anorexic!Reader


Author's Note: True story, based off what I experienced. Except the real-life person who is in Eren's position in this story is my best friend N. I abbreviated his name, just 'cause. N, I hope you don't mind me writing this, and I hope you never find out that I write fan fiction. It's kinda embarrassing. And to those of you under similar circumstances, please know that you can talk to me.  ヽ(;▽;)ノ

x x x

“You lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mine?”

After some arrangements Miss Hanji said I should hang out with Eren and his gang and see what they could do to help me. Other than Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, nobody else knew. (Well, Christa saw my marks, but they didn't quite hang out together all the time.) Here I am, in the courtyard with the mentioned three, Jean, Marco, and two others. Sasha and Connie, I think. And Mr. Flirt is hitting up on me.

I smile sweetly and reply, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Jean raised his brows at the classic pick-up line. Here's the twist: “Because it's so fucked up like a horse.”

“I get why Eren brought you here—you two are here to pick a fight huh?”

“Two against one, Jean, back off for today at least,” Eren sneered.

Opening up my lunch, I look down at the sandwich. I almost have an intense staring war with it, until Eren nudged me in my ribs. I ate a bite. Then another. Slowly. I don't even know what everyone else was talking about. I didn't care anyway.

“So what do you think, __(name)__?”

“Sorry, what were you saying?”

“Favorite type of guy!” Sasha said, munching on her food.

“I have a right to not answer.” I reply, drinking my diet coke.

“C'mon, please?”

“Someone who can accept things for what they are and are caring. Happy?”

Sasha sighed and returned to asking around the group for more information. This is how the rest of the week goes, really. It's still hard to eat, and I have to shove food down my throat. I've never been bulimic, so I tried throwing up, but after million of tries with tears in my eyes, I gave up.

One, two, three. I gained pounds almost weekly, and I dropped two after running, until I had been caught by Mikasa who was jogging around the neighborhood as well. Nothing worked. I started to see the fat forming around my face, legs, and stomach again. It wasn't satisfying.

In the end, I just began to hurt myself more. My blades were taken away from me then, so I turned to burning and punching, and it really wasn't a pretty sight. Bruises from under my sleeves, and my knuckles burn scarlet from punching concrete walls. I'd burn my skin here and there, and I could easily say that I burned myself with a hair curler or something.

Then there was that cycle, where Eren would find out and get angry. It's annoying, and he really still gets on my nerves, but his words makes me cry sometimes. Like that one time when he said that imperfection is okay, I nearly crumbled right in front of him. It was partially embarrassing, because he'd hold me in his arms, and it's like my skin was so used to the burning flame or cold, sharp metal, the contact was so foreign to me, and it felt so... nice to be held like that for once.

I can't even recall the last time someone touched me, before Eren grabbed my wrist that day in the courtyard. It made me feel attached to him, but I couldn't dare admit it—he was just some guy pitying me and trying to be a good person. Probably nothing personal.

Then there was that party.

Aiming my diet coke can at the trash can, I threw it, only to miss it and have it hit the rim.

“Fail!” Jean hollered, while I walked over to pick up the can and properly put it in the trash.

“Like your dad's condoms, horseface!” I sneered.

Jean was a pretty fun person to mess around with, and Marco was like some angel from heaven. He and Armin are the two angelic figures of the group—so pure and kind. The kind of people I like to hang out with when I need some peace. Actually, strangely enough, I've started to use less cuss words with them hanging around. Key word is less, though. Never will it be nada.

__(name)__, act a little more feminine.”

“Jean, I thought you knew that I could never be feminine enough for your taste.”

“Well, it'd be fun when I see you in a dress then!”

“Said who? I'm not gonna wear a dress!”

“Wait a minute,” Jean slowly turned his head to Eren. “You didn't invite her yet?”

“Uh, yeah, kinda busy, so...”

Jean began to spread his usual shit eating grin across his face and Eren hit Jean in the shoulder, making him topple backwards into the grass.

“What's this about Eren?” I ask, and he sheepishly smiles.

“Haha, well, Jean's gonna hold a party and I was gonna invite you...?”

“Really? Wow, uh, okay.” I say, feeling myself heat up as I pull the sleeves of my hoodie over my hands in nervousness. Eren smiles.

“Okay as in like a 'whatever' okay? Or a 'yes, I'm going' okay?”

“Yes, I'm going, Eren. It'll be fun!”

“I'll pick you up then. I have your number but I don't have your address...”

Pick me up, oh gosh, this sounds like a date. But I really shouldn't get my hopes up, I mean, this is reality, and the only time these hang outs turn into dates are drama shows.

x x x

I pick out my _(favorite color)_ dress with lace sleeves along the collar and sleeves that go just above the elbow. The back is opened a little wide, and the skirt barely reached my knees. My BMI wasn't underweight anymore, but I could still see a bit of my collarbones. My ribs wouldn't show, and I couldn't wrap my index finger and thumb around my wrist with space anymore. I was... normal. My hair was silkier, my skin smoother and less corpse-like. Nails were more pinkish, and my eyes looked more alive.

Just as I was having trouble zipping the back of my dress, the doorbell rang.


My mother was home that night, and I told her I was going to a party. She was really happy for me, since I rarely go to parties and never bring friends home. She still doesn't know, she doesn't need to know. She has nothing to worry about.

“Oh, uhm, are you Mrs.
_(last name)_?”

“Yes. Are you
__(name)__'s friend?”

“I'm Eren, her friend, yes.”

Just as I slipped into my two inch heels and grab my bag, I stopped at the corner of the corridor. My mother was talking to Eren. He was wearing jeans and sensible shoes, and a light grey button up with an dark olive-green woolen cardigan over it.

“Please take care of her. She's never quite the outgoing girl, but do accept her for who she is.”

Eren smiled, with a little sadness in his eyes. The house was small, and was far from extravagant, and my mother was very weak and was fragile just from one glance head to toe. I was just overwhelmed at how I couldn't do much at my age and I had a part-time job just blocks down the street at a bakery, but the income was still low without my father. I really didn't want him back, but if my mother were to become very ill, I'd probably beg my father for help. It wasn't the most easiest living life like this.

“Definitely, Mrs.
_(last name)_.”

x x x

I skidded off to the red Toyota SUV that seemed pretty used but nice, and climbed onto the passenger seat while Eren was doing his driving stuff to make the engine going. While I was putting on my seat belt, the German boy spoke up.

“You... You want me to pull up the zipper?”

“Huh?! Oh, uh...”

I twisted my head around trying to see the back of my dress a much as I can. I bit my lip. Well, I wouldn't want to walk around at the party like this, right?

“If you don't mind, I'd appreciate it.”

Hesitantly, I can feel Eren's heat and presence of his hands inch towards the silver zipper, halfway down my back, exposing my bra band. He tells me to straighten my posture, and I do, moving away my hair to the side so it wouldn't get stuck. He carefully slides it up to the top and flinches back, working and fiddling with the engines again. It was kinda cute how he got so flustered.

We eventually got there, but the street was packed with cars and we had to park a block down and walk from there to Jean's place. All through the drive and walk, we were quiet, but our hearts seemed to beat louder than it should've been, and both silence each other, silently communicating that it was alright not to talk.

Hey, you two! Finally got here!”

“Shut it, Jean, before I decide to turn back around.”

“Okay, okay. But you look damn nice in that.”

I made a warning signal at him with my eyes. He put both his hands up in defense, and I sighed, brushing past him. I whispered a little 'thanks' without looking him in the eye.

It was a party with 25 or so people and it was pretty cool, with all the junk set up on the table, along with fruit punches and some secret beer stashes by the sofa. Eren and I finally relaxed and were able to talk like our usual selves. Soon enough it was already past ten o'clock, and some people were jamming to the music. Sasha and her new boyfriend, Connie, were doing silly party tricks in the living room.

I was walking around with a new friend named Annie and good ol' Armin, and we talked a bit, until Eren sorta called me out onto the balcony. I hadn't thought much of it, until I realized it was practically empty on the balcony. I told myself ritualistically that I shouldn't keep my hopes up, but I couldn't help but to think of all the romantic possibilities. Since when had I become such a teen with romantic hopes?

Hey, __(name)__.”

“You called?”

“Yeah, just needed to back away from the crowd, but didn't want to be a loner.”

“So I'm your number one candidate,

“Oh, c'mon,
__(name)__, I thought you finally stopped calling me that.”

I chuckled. “On a more serious note,” I leaned on the rail. “Why'd you even start talking to me?”

“You mean at the beginning of the year?” I nod, not letting my eyes wander from this
very interesting, plastic cup of punch in my two hands.

I just...” He looks over at me, and I feel his eyes on me. He scoots closer. “Ollie ollie oxen free?”

“Ollie ollie oxen free,” I say wondering why he'd take time to say these things.

“When I saw you, you looked so fragile, but I was afraid to break you, so I wasn't sure how to reach out.”

“You mean I was like a grenade and you wanted to pick it up without making it explode and throw it to the other side.”

“But every bomb has a time limit. I had to do something. I feel like I could've handled it better.”

I look up at him, and he's looking far past the little houses that line up across the street, and probably somewhere past that. He's so close, I can smell the dash of cologne he sprayed on himself that smells a little like cinnamon, and I could smell the leathery scent that got stuck onto him from the car. It's not bad at all. I could really get used to it.

“To late, Eren. But I think you did pretty well.” I twirl backwards, my back towards the rail and my elbows propped on both sides of me, while I stared up at the night sky, trying to find as many stars.

“You think so?” He looks at me, and I look at him. I smile, and he's satisfied with that.

“Have...” I cock my brows. “Have you told your mom?”

“No, I haven't, Eren. She doesn't need to know.”

“But you've been relapsing, right?”

I close my eyes. Relapsing, yes. Life's still a mess, no matter how far I want to run away, and no matter how many nights I spend partying.

__(name)__, it's alright you relapsed—”

“It's not, Eren! I'm trying, I swear! It's harder to quit than to start! My arms and wrists are missing the blades, they are addicting! I'm trying so fucking hard!”

My tears well up and I'm getting all fussed up about it. I don't even know why. My thoughts aren't straight at all, and I just hate myself for relapsing, and I can't say that I'm trying, because no one would believe me...

“I know,
__(name)__. You're trying, and that's all that matters.”

He leans in and his lips meet mine. Eren's lips are dry and rough, but it felt so warm and comforting against mine. His fingertips are lightly against mine, but we were too afraid to touch. He parts and I'm still holding my breathe.

“Uh, I don't know,” I become so flustered and lost for words, but he's looking right at me and I can barely breath. I've known that Eren's eyes were pretty cool, but when I see him looking at me the look of seriousness and love in them, it's just irresistibly hard to look away.

“You have time to back away if you want to.” I don't flinch or say another word. “Three... Two...” He starts counting down, and my mind is a mess it's a blank mess. “One.”

He leans in and kisses me. Both of our eyes are closed, and it's all so natural to me. I follow his lead like those dances, and it feels like I'm so used to it. His large hands wrapped around my shoulder and hands wander to his jawline and my thumb glides over his cheeks and we part. We laugh. And it's just so magical. Real happiness. A short, temporary happiness that lasts only for the rest of the night, but oh so real. I'll go back to my studies tomorrow and study for midterms, and I'll have to struggle through reality, but this.
This was real. And it was exactly what I wanted.

AU!(Eren x Reader) Secrets (Part 2/2)
I don't own Attack on Titan or any of it's characters.

This is obviously a touchy topic, but I really do hope people can learn from it.
I promise there's a real cute Armin x Reader one-shot fic right after this one.
Thanks for reading!

Part 1/2 : [ ]
Just putting it out there :
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((That's such a cute emoji. uwu ))
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Thank you~
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Happy (Late) Birthday~! Sini Birthday 
Sorry... xP
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